In lieu of the vicissitudes of recent mundane events and the gravity of its effect on us in this life and the hereafter, it is important for the Mu’minun to get along with their like minded counterparts in order to secure this life for the service to the Imam (AS) of our time and simultaneously work for the hereafter.

Looking at the heavy emphasis put upon the Mu’minun’s for being the best in the affairs of this world and the hereafter, we have come to a platform where the nurturing of these two significant aspects of our lives will be promoted in a mature, fun-filled and healthy environment. Al-Wahda, The Unity that we intend
to form in order to prepare for our Imam(AS).

Insha’Allah this way we can together venture out on a journey with Azm (Steadfastness) and Sabr (Patience), through trials and perils, reforming and purifying ourselves for the sake of the All Mighty. Insha’Allah it will lead us to attaining proximity with The Beloved and the Holy Ahlulbayt (PBUT).

Our goal is to work to adopt Islam as a source of enlightenment and through its teachings raise the awareness among the members of our community and beyond. We believe that the pursuit of our objectives will lead to social improvement for all Muslims and Non Muslims alike.

Primary Objectives
The primary objectives are as stated below:

To promote a universal vision of Islam with regards to thought and practice.
To advance religious and social development
To establish and safeguard the identity of Muslims.
To strive for unity amongst Muslims and create opportunities of dialogue with

About Us
Our goal is to both unite and serve the community in preparation of the return of the awaited Savior of mankind, Imam al-Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance).

Our Projects
We aim to focus developing projects in the following areas:

• Islamic Education by conducting educational seminars, courses and workshops.

• Socio-political Awareness by bringing to light the issues affecting the Muslim
community and actively participating to improve the state of Muslims nation-wide.

• Youth Development by providing a space for youth to interact with members of
their community and beyond to engage and motivate the next generation.

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